Sunday, September 29, 2019

suddenly steerless, bereft of will

Wales versus Australia in the Rugby World Cup kicks off at quarter to nine this morning, so the plan is to trundle along to the Charles Holden at half past eight and watch the game over a breakfast and a Guinness or two.

I fully intend to take my kit bag with me and trot along to the gym after, then perhaps to the office for a couple of hours, followed by music on the bandstand at Abbey Mills.

I can't entirely rule out the possibility though that I will just go home (with supplies from the off license) tune in to the channel 5 USA and veg out for the rest of the day on:

10:50 Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm
12:50 Columbo: Swan Song
14:55 Columbo: Troubled Waters
17:00 Columbo: Murder - A Self Portrait
19:00 Columbo: It's All In The Game

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