Saturday, December 01, 2018

René Girard

On Monday, I went to Social Justice: An Evening with Alex Vitale and Gary Younge at the South Bank University. Why didn't I see you there, you lightweight?

Afterwards, on account of being a ponce, I wrote as follows to Rebecca who was also there with Steve:
I can't help but think that René Girard's thought could have helped clarify a lot of Alex Vitale's contribution to last night's event.
In particular, his concept of mimetic desire ( goes a long way to explaining gang behaviour. and the scapegoat mechanism ( underlies the policing reaction Vitale deplored.
See what I mean about being a ponce? Any road, if you need to catch up with Monsieur Girard  in a hurry, there is a convenient overview in the latest New York Review of Books. See

Kirk out.

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