Thursday, December 27, 2018

Capra Cinematic Universe

We watched It's a Wonderful Life at Anne-Marie's on Christmas Evening. I was forbidden from listing IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: TOP NINE FAN THEORIES.

1. George Bailey was dead the entire movie.
2. George and Mary are undercover Soviet agents
3. Mr. Potter is literally a “scurvy little spider.”
4. Bailey Building & Loan is built atop the Hellmouth
5. Young George Bailey didn’t stop druggist Mr. Gower from sending a boy poison; he stopped
him from sending Captain America serum
6. Bedford Falls is part of the Capra Cinematic Universe (CCU)
7. Zuzu’s petals are opium-strength poppy
8. George’s life would have been transformed if it had just not been for World War One, the Great Depression, and Christmas
9. “Old Maid Librarian” Mary would have actually been way happier than Mary Bailey.

Actually I am thinking of watching Five Came Back on Netflix to learn more about the Capra Cinematic Universe.

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