Saturday, June 02, 2018

Rugger Buggers

'It's in my blood': how rugby managed to unite America's elite
When Wales play South Africa at RFK Stadium in Washington on Saturday, a few well-known faces could be in the crowd
"Among fans, tales of well-known people who found the game on campus and now prefer it to football are rife. Some rugby lovers, avid for the sport to rise and compete with the NFL, go so far as to claim the existence of a rugby “illuminati”, holding the levers of power. Put luridly, that might be a secret society of influential men and women who put tape on their ears, thud into each other with unpadded glee and drink unusual concoctions from boots. Put less luridly, more famous Americans than you think have played and loved the game."

This piece from the Grauniard is well worth a read,

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