Thursday, June 07, 2018

Bruce Lee: A life

Dear Friends,

After seven years of research, I am proud (and very relieved) to announce the release of my new biography, Bruce Lee: A Life. It is available everywhere today, June 5! First week sales numbers largely determine how much marketing push a publisher puts behind a particular book, so if you can purchase it early, a big thanks to you!

The response to the book has been amazing. It was selected for The New York TimesThe Los Angeles Timesand Publisher's Weekly's "Best Summer Books" lists. And the reviews have been glowing:

"The first noteworthy treatment of its subject—and a definitive one at that...Fascinating narrative threads proliferate."
The New York Times

"The biggest book I'm suggesting you bring to the beach is 'Bruce Lee: A Life.' It's the first authoritative biography of the martial arts teacher and movie star."
The Los Angeles Times

"This thorough, well-sourced biography from Polly is an engrossing examination of the life of the martial arts movie star and his shocking early death...The definitive biography."
Publisher's Weekly

You also might enjoy the new animated trailer for the book. It focuses on one of its many new revelations—Bruce Lee was descended from a Jewish butcher in Rotterdam, Holland.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the years. It is greatly appreciated. I couldn't do it without you!

Be water, my friends,

Matthew Polly

Disclaimer: Mr Polly is a friend and correpondent of these pages; See Icons passim.

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