Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Several million points out of ten for style

I got a group email from Carole yesterday. She's trying to organise a reunion for the 30th anniversary of us starting our MBA. That is handy as I have only recently sobered up after the 20th anniversary reunion.

I hit "reply all" saying I was all in favour of it and got the greatest automatic response in the history of the world from Ruth.
I am currently cycling the Silk Road and will return to my desk in October 2016. If you require immediate assistance, please contact Frank Neale on I will have periodic access to email and will respond when I am able. Thank you.
Her "periodic access to email" is obviously working as we heard from her personally later:
Aw, I'll have to survive long enough for the 40th. I'm currently cycling the Silk Road. In China now heading towards Istanbul. Eta October.
I am now singing Style by Prince from the Emancipation album in tribute. You should too.

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