Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kimchi Bokkeumbap Pork Burrito, Anyone?

The Bomber has got his first Rugby League game this Saturday as Rutlish Raiders head up off to Maidstone to meet the Invicta Panthers in the cup.

Unfortunately this has put a spanner in the works of my prep for Andy and Ollie's barbecue that afternoon. I have promised (threatened?) them that I will provide burritos (like last year) to eat and pickle backs (Icons passim) to drink, and there's not going to be much time between getting back from the game and heading off to the party.

I picked up all the makings lunch time as I'm going to have to do my pulled pork overnight tonight in the slow cooker, rather than in the smoker on Friday night. Maybe I'll pump up the smoked paprika in the dry rub to get the flavour I'm after.

I have also come up with the idea frying up what is left of the kimchi my brother gave me (passim) with the rice that is going in the burritos and reserving its fermented juice for the brine shots in the pickle backs. I may well give the latter a test this evening as it might be a bit intense for the sensitive palates of Valley Gardens and in need of mellowing.

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