Friday, January 06, 2012

a beastly game played by gentlemen


Here are the Bomber (second from right back row) and his team at their Twickenham appearance (see Icons passim).

We're off to the Stoop next week for the Quins' Curtain Raiser Cup.
"Rugby football is a game I can't claim absolutely to understand in all its niceties, if you know what I mean. I can follow the broad, general principles, of course. I mean to say, I know that the main scheme is to work the ball down the field somehow and deposit it over the line at the other end and that, in order to squalch this programme, each side is allowed to put in a certain amount of assault and battery and do things to its fellow man which, if done elsewhere, would result in 14 days without the option, coupled with some strong remarks from the Bench." - P. G. Wodehouse Very Good, Jeeves (1930)

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