Friday, September 09, 2011

Notes and Highlights

Kerala was probably the biblical Ophir from where King Solomon received apes, ivory and peacocks. It was at this period that pioneering Jewish traders seem to have first crossed the Red and Arabian seas to bring the pungent flavours of India to the Middle East and the Mediterranean world.
I'm reading the kindle edition of William Dalrymple's Nine Lives at the moment and I was struck by the passage above when I was passing time with it in the dentist's waiting room yesterday morning. (I actually had a little email correspondance with Dalyrmple about Kerala's St Thomas Christians before I went there over the 2003/4 New Year.)

So for the first time I used the kindle's highlight feature to tag the text. Actually I did it on the PC version when I got back the office, but Amazon synchronizes your annotations across all the platforms you use.

You can look at your notes on books at

This would be a great feature if you were studying.

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