Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buns of Steel

I sat down on a bench at Balham train station on Saturday and broke the screen on the kindle that was sitting in the back pocket of my jeans. This is the payback I get for developing my glutes to a level of solidity that has to be measured on the Rockwell scale, I suppose.

Interesting I really have no choice other than to get a replacement straight away what with the reading I'm doing at the moment and the various books (the new Murakami, Matt Polly's latest etc.) I have set up to be conjured to my account by the magic of whispernet as they are published over the next month or so.

My next kindle is also coming with a steampunk themed gelaskin. I think this is because I am a ponce. I can't really come up with any other explanation that covers the bases.

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