Sunday, January 09, 2011

That's life

I'm reading Life: Keith Richards

It's going to take me forever in the best way, because when he starts talking about learning his trade from Jimmy Reed records, I fire up Spotify, crack open my guitar case and learn right along with him.

When you read the book, you can hear Richards' inimitable (though I do imitate it) voice drawling the text in your ear. It reminds me in that way of my beloved Dizzy Gillespie To be, or Not... to Bop and there is no higher praise.

(I'm playing more guitar lately, I know not why. One night in the week I was picking along with Leonard Cohen and was genuinely impressed with my own irascibility when I was sincerely outraged to find that Anthem was in C# rather than C and I didn't have a capo.)
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