Friday, January 07, 2011

ARM looking over a four leaf clover

Arm Holdings is the pin-up of the UK technology sector. The Cambridge-based group, whose chip designs feature in electronic devices made by international brands such as Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Apple, has seen its share price rise more than 150 per cent in the past 12 months as investors bet big on the group’s growth potential.

On Thursday Arm shares rose by as much as 13 per cent after Microsoft told visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that Arm chip designs would feature in a new version of the Windows operating system.

ARM is the only stock I held on to after my foray into the world of shares in 2001. I had half forgotten about it until I read of Microsoft's initiative, and blowing the cobwebs off Yahoo! Finance I see that I am now healthily in the black after years on the red side of the ledger.

The fact that ARM is still trading well below the price it hit 2000 however shows jsut how spectacular the crash of a decade ago was.

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