Sunday, August 29, 2010


Cardiff City are joint top of the Championship after beating Portsmouth 2-0 away. Sweet revenge for being beaten by them in the 2008 FA Cup Final.

It's too soon to get carried away though. The new FantasyFwit game and website could have been made for long term City followers.

Each week you have to pick a team you reckon are most likely to screw up: you are awarded points according to the accuracy of your prediction. There are any number of ways to acquire points, but the basics are as follows. All players on a losing team score one point – that's doubled if you lose by three goals or more. The most disappointing player on the pitch, chosen by a panel of F**wit experts scores an extra three points. (On the first weekend of the season this accolade went to Wayne Rooney.) An own goal gets you three points – with a bonus for comedy value – as does giving away a penalty

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