Friday, December 11, 2009

The Greatest Show

This post from Babylon Wales is so great that I am simply and shamelessly lifting it entire.

Charlton Heston's trip to Cardiff in 1952 has been well documented. He and his actress wife, Lydia Clarke, arrived from London in heavy fog and stayed at the Angel Hotel. Their less than thrilling itinerary included a visit to the Brocklehurst Yarns nylon factory in Llanishen; and a personal appearance at Phillips Furniture store on Queen Street, where they handed out autographed photos. They also found time to visit South Wales Caravan Distributors in Ely (see advert), which must surely have been the highlight of their Welsh tour. In the evening they attended a premiere of Heston's latest flick at the Capitol Theatre - The Greatest Show on Earth.

Ben Hur in Culverhouse Cross. Who'd've thunk it?

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