Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pitched In

To the Bull's Head in Barnes last night to see a System X reunion gig as part of a month long festival celebrating its half century as a jazz venue.

A scary back of the envelope calculation revealed that I have been going there on and off for twenty five of those fifty years.

System X's album was recorded seventeen years ago, but practically every note of the set was still familiar to me. Like they'd never been away; like I'd never been away. (I remember seeing them supporting Arturo Sandoval in Ronnie Scott's.)

It's too bad we have to get old.
Just keep punching.
Want to ring the bell?
All right.
Come on, Stallion.
You really move good for an older guy.
Look at him fly.
No, you don't want any of this.
Maybe I'm in here with the wrong guy?
Dad, you're late.
Mom's going to yell at you.

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