Friday, June 05, 2009

Picture This

21st Century children that they are, Ben and Prash have dug up the British Judo Grading syllabus online and started boning up by pumping the names of techniques into YouTube to watch demos like this.

Fair enough and good for them, and it struck me that technology is now cheap and ubiquitous enough to make video part of training. It would be very simple to record them trying things out and then play their efforts back to them.

However, Sport England came to take some photos of the class in the dojo the other day and had to go through all the bureaucratic rigmarole of getting parents to sign releases for them to be able to use the pictures. What's the point of that? I'm bemused. How does all this sort of stuff protect anyone?

It certainly implies you might as well give up before you start using video in coaching kids.

Something will have to give the era of Microsoft Natal.

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