Sunday, February 08, 2009

MONUC Monarch

KIBATI, Congo, Feb 7 (Reuters) - A top U.N. aid official said on Saturday the situation in Congo's war-torn east was beginning to change but the thousands of displaced should not expect "miracles" from the United Nations.

The "latestCrisis" directory in the URL above speaks volumes don't you think?

I got a call from MacKenna in the week. He was back in Kinshasa after a period up country; cutthroats, Tutsi, Hutu, the FDLR, the CNDP, and even the Lord's Resistance Army. It's my fault he's up to his neck in them he has informed me, as I instructed him to "get up off his arse" when he was between jobs twenty odd years ago at the house of madness that was 85a when shared by me, him, John and Nick S.

Did I do right?

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