Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Going for a Burton

Save us from reviewers.
Cardiff used to be a fearsomely homophobic city and it was against this background that Richard Walter Jenkins -- later Burton -- grew up. Such were his feelings of guilt about being an actor that he turned to drink. "I drank because I was afraid of being a homosexual," he said. "I drank because I hated wearing make-up."

News to me.
Short and stocky, quick with his fists, he was nevertheless attracted to literature.

I know a few of them.
The Burton and Taylor alliance was vulgar and messy, replete with yachts, jewels and drunken fights. "I just adored fighting with Richard," said Taylor. "I need a strong man." Her sparring partner found life more wearisome. "She had all these bloody rings on. It was like being hit with a knuckle-duster."

Like Caroline Street in the old days.
"I grew up among heroes who went down the pit, who played rugby, told stories, sang songs of war" and so on

....... and so forth.

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