Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Comment

Up until I moved "A Welsh Born Icon" to Google's servers last year I used Haloscan for comments. You can still see those comments on (ho ho very satirical) oldnick, but they've disappeared from the live site because I've moved to Blogger's native comments system. There are exchanges there that I don't want to lose, and I am sure it would only take a few lines of JavaScript on the template to add them back in the new location where appropriate.

Consider that added to my to-do list.

I've started adding comments to my own posts lately, to collect tips and trick for the Acer Aspire One or to record the continuing career of the Jabmeister etc.

I want to use a comment to link my discovery of Haruki Murakami to his year 2000 alternative universe Nobel Prize.

I was even invited yesterday (by way of a comment on a three and a half year old post) to a party in honour of a hero of mine.

Comments are important, and I need to make them more prominent.

There is an RSS feed of comments at, just as there is an RSS feed of posts at

I've used the feed to pop a list of the last five comments towards the top of the template on the left.

If you've got any thoughts, leave a comment.


John said...

The absolute joy of this post is that when read by me it was completely bereft of comment. Now it has this anodyne yet rather dissapointing effort to kickstart and lowlight your plea.

Nick Browne said...

Superfluous verbiage necessitates apropos castigation.

John said...

I summise that you have retained your old school reports ?