Monday, October 13, 2008

To live and die

There's an interview with the Iraqi Prime Minister in The Times today:
Mr al-Maliki’s harshest words were for the actions last year of British troops in Basra, which came under Britain’s responsibility after the 2003 invasion. “They stayed away from the confrontation, which gave the gangs and militias the chance to control the city,” he said, referring to a decision by British Forces to leave a palace in Basra for their airport base.

“The situation deteriorated so badly that corrupted youths were carrying swords and cutting the throats of women and children. The citizens of Basra called out for our help . . . and we moved to regain the city.”

Asked whether he thought the British move had been premature, he said: “Very.”

I blogged the move at the time. The post and its links are very dispiriting in the light of such a comment.

Michael Yon's reports from the front are a useful corrective because - unlike Press Release and editorial writers - he is actually there.

Read Death in the Corn about C-Company 2 Para in Helmand. "Who whom?"

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