Monday, October 20, 2008

command line kung-fu

Happy as I am with the Aspire One running Linux, it is becoming clear to me that if I am to use it as a day-to-day machine, I am going to need to run some Windows apps.

I could try Wine, which is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API that can run on Linux, but if I do I foresee problems with USB and I want to be able to connect my Garmin 305 and Nokia N95 and run their respective Windows only interface programs.

It seems to me therefore that full virtualisation via Sun's VirtualBox is likely to be the way forward, especially as the burglar runs XP on his Aspire One already and if I can get an image of that I can save some set-up time and aggravation.

Further and better, John Green has already done the job and explains the wrinkles here.

Seeing is believing.

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