Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Prodnose: Where does the word widget come from?

Myself: Glad you asked.

Nowadays - as I am very boring - I think of widgets as portable chunks of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation.

So far so good, but I first remember the word from the wonderful 1963 James Garner movie "The Wheeler Dealers". (Here at A Welsh Born Icon we are all about Lee Remick and John Astin and I recommend you check it out.) says, "it might be worth mentioning here that Roald Dahl used the term widget to describe male gremlins in his book The Gremlins back in WWII". (Here at A Welsh Born Icon we are all about Roald Dahl.) says it is a "blend of window and gadget, coined by George S. Kaufman in his play Beggar on Horseback (1924)". (Here at A Welsh Born Icon we are all about George S. Kaufman and especially "The Man Who Came to Dinner".)

Now you know as much as me.

Prodnose: Whatever floats your boat.

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