Monday, March 17, 2008

Carry on at your convenience

Minutes before I had to leave for the airport a couple of weeks ago, I pressed the button to flush the toilet, only for something to crack in the mechanism and water to start running continually through the cistern.

All I could think to do was wrench the lid off and tie the valve shut with a bootlace. And that is how the bathroom remained all through our Austrian adventure.

This weekend I took my vandalised handiwork to the nearest plumbers merchants for advice, where much to my joy the guy behind the counter showed me how to disassemble it, sold me a replacement part, and explained how to fit it.

And so it came to pass that I returned home and reassembled the john with a new dual flush valve push button shroud. I very rarely do anything like this and it gave me a quite ludicrous level of satisfaction.

All stand for Burge and Gunson; I am back in business for £9.99 spent on parts when it would have cost £70 just to call out a plumber.

I recommend them to you unreservedly.

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John said...

How much of the mechanism did you take to the shop ??