Monday, February 18, 2008

The World’s Creative Hub

A list of more than 20 schemes, intended to turn Britain into the “world’s creative hub”, has been drawn up by ministers and will be unveiled in a Green Paper this week, putting flesh on the bones - God help us - 0f:

Establishing a five-hour a week “cultural offer” for children and young people
Introducing “creative apprenticeships” for 1,000 young people
Creation of a new college of digital media, and encouraging other similar institutions
Exploring the possibility of creating a academy for the creative arts for 14 to 25-year-olds
Promoting art and design colleges and conservatoires
Using Arts Councils to “promote the objectives of the creative economy programme”
Local network of “beacon agencies” for creative industries
New entreprise fund for creative industries
Fostering greater cooperation in the fashion industry
A £10 million research and development fund Extra start-up cash and training for riskier new film ventures
Skills Department to lead strategic review of the economic and social impact of innovation
Regional creative economy strategy frameworks
A “menu for local infrastructure” to help give creative industries better space and planning guidance
Mixed media centres: nurture digital film talent in six centres nationwide
Protection of live music venues, such as Astoria and Hammersmith Palais
Move to require internet service providers to take action on illegal file sharing
Intellectual property enforcement teams and a forum to bring together stakeholders
Putting intellectual property issues in the curriculum
Making the public aware of intellectual property
Work with partners to develop Davos-style “world creative economy forum”
Creative festivals season including permanent home for London Fashion Week and Southbank film centre
UK Trade International five-year strategy to make Britain more competitive in creative industries.

My particular favourite is "fostering greater cooperation in the fashion industry" (Nipple Clamps for Labour anyone?), but each idea has its own special Orwellian demerits.

Which will be the biggest fiasco do you think?

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