Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Got the horn?

A duck-billed dinosaur that possessed a built in horn to woo females has been found in Mexico.
Velafrons coahuilensis possessed a built-in horn which it used to woo females
The 25ft creature, a youngster that would have grown up to be around 35 ft, had a fan-shaped bony crest on its skull filled with nasal passages.
The 72 million-year-old dinosaur, named Velafrons coahuilensis, probably performed to attract mates.
Scientists believe the appendage may have been used as a kind of trumpet, with air blown through it to make showy or seductive sounds. read on.
See also "teenage pregnancy common in dinosaurs". I'm starting to toy with a hypothesis that they died out because of binge drinking, loud music and wanton promiscuity. Perhaps I could get the Daily Mail to commission a few hundred words on the subject.

......... I had that T. Rex in the back of my cab once ...............

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