Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sports Round Up

Wales 47-8 Italy: I'm delighted provide this link that can be used again and again for the next week to watch the game (UK only unfortunately).

Remember that when Italy beat us last year we were languishing at the bottom of the table with four losses from four games; this year we have three wins from three, and masters of all we survey courtesy of England's victory against France.

Moving from Wales versus England to something that is more like a Wales/Italy joint venture, John and I had been toying with the idea of going to Vegas for the Calzaghe/Hopkins fight on April 19th. We've finally agreed that it is not really a practical proposition, what with one thing and another, so this means that I will be definitely be available for the Childline Challenge on Sunday April 20th.

What kind of performance I will put in after staying up to the early hours to watch the boxing live from Nevada I don't know, but at least (as previously agreed), I only have to do the swimming and running as Chris is signed up for the cycling.

If I break my leg skiing next week, I won't have to do either of course.


chris said...

started training week before last


chris said...

so there