Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Attention Please

I'm hoping to take my seven year old plus assorted waifs and strays to "Who Stole Santa Claus", a Christmas show for all ages that is playing at the "The Chamber" in the old GLC building opposite Westminster.

I'm aware of it because Mark, a guy I know from the Colour House Theatre is in it, and it turns out that it has been written by Amy Winehouse's brother Alex.

It seems to have sold out this weekend since he got a crafty plug in for it when he was speaking up for her recently, so we are going to have to catch it another time.

The power of media attention is extraordinary. Traffic to our auction site doubled last week when Chris Evans talked about Police Auctions on his Radio 2 show without even mentioning it specifically.

I'll take that, and good for Alex as well, 'cause you gotta get out there and hustle, but God knows how someone like Amy Winehouse copes with the dark side of it.

(I've made jokes about her myself, but I think they're pretty inoffensive).

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