Thursday, August 02, 2007

They Came From Woking

AbbeyFest completists that we are we bowled along to the deliriously silly and entertaining double bill of "They Came From Woking" and "The Scriptless Wonder" on Tuesday night.

Here, from his blog, is how cast member Matthew Petty thought the night went. I didn't notice the sound cue glitches and tripped-over lines that he mentions, but I can imagine actors being nervous in what can be a spooky old building. I sometimes feel as if the temperature drops a couple of degrees when light lights go down, and before the performers warm us up again.

As you might expect from the progenitors of a sci-fi comedy you can also find an official group website, Facebook event, and blog posts on last years show.

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I know this is pointless, but the links to my blog about this show have changed: