Thursday, June 14, 2007

La Bodeguita

We went to a Colombian restaurant in Elephant and Castle last night. Just like last week, I picked it out to put a marker on a sparsely populated part our map. The profit burglar and I decided what we were going to eat before setting out after comparing the Wikipedia entry on Colombian food with the menu.

I had Aborrajados then Bandeja Paisa.

Aborrajados were plantain with cheese and sweet guava deep fried together in a batter. Bandejas Paisa - practically the national dish - was rice, pork belly, red kidney beans, minced beef, sausage, fried egg, fried plantain, avocado and garnish. Lost for words, I photographed it in all its glory when it arrived on a dish the size of a tray. This cholesterol fest was washed down with the Chilean house red.

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