Monday, June 11, 2007

The Graveyard of Ambition

As a regular exerciser (though unfortunately even keener eater and drinker) I was impressed like everyone else with how fit all the cast in the movie "300" looked. The miracle that is Google told me that a guy named Mark Twight trained them and led me to the website of his gym.

As I wrote before, the greatest transformation was accomplished by Swansea's own Vincent Regan - the Captain in the movie. See the pictures above from week 0, week 4, and week 8 of his training.

I was talking to John about this over the weekend when he was exerting us to greater efforts putting up his decking by shouting "Shpartans!" in a peculiar Scottish accent, and we have agreed that Vincent Regan is worthy to join his countrymen as an official Welsh Born Icon.

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Gregjockca said...

He was on the south beach cocaine diet. You can drop those pounds quick with amphetamines and no one in Jesusland is the wiser.