Friday, June 29, 2007

Enak Enak

Nancy Lam lives in Colliers Wood. A circumstance that, when I discovered it, made Enak Enak - the Indonesian restaurant that she runs in Clapham - a natural choice for the last Eat Your Way Around the World in London before we shut up shop for the summer and AbbeyFest.

The Profit Burglar and I shared mixed satay and picked vegetables. I followed this with beef rendang and rice, while Paul had a prawn sambal. We drank house white.

Enak enak; yummy yummy.

Follow the links for our real and imaginary destinations as we eat our way around the world in London.

(P.S. I cannot tick Indonesian food off our list without also giving a shout out to the stall that serves it up in Merton Abbey Mills. Their spicy lamb with fried rice is my fuel of choice if I ever have to work over the weekend.)


chris said...

I tought that repeating a word in indonesian meant more of it, eg "hati" means danger, "hati hati" means very dangerous , or much danger.
if this is right, then enak enak would mean much yummieness, or very yummy.

:$ I think we should be told........

Pedant pedant of Swansea

Nick Browne said...

Thanks Chris. It is exactly the same in Thai - see this. You know how interested I am in that culture and neck of the woods, but I hadn't made the connection. Nice one, buddy.