Friday, February 23, 2007

Raw, with laughter

Making the most of a last minute change of plans, the profit burglar and I took ourselves along to Roar with Laughter at GJ's last night.

This also gave me the chance to meet up with Simon Brunning, who I've known by blog for the last couple of years but never actually encountered in meatspace, as he is a regular attender of the comedy club.

When I emailed him to let him know I'd be there he replied by return to say that I could recognise him because he would be wearing his Sid James t-shirt.

The first guy we met in a Sid James T, looked at us as if we'd lost the plot when we asked him if he was Simon B, and then I began to wonder if I was the victim of an elaborate ruse when I saw two blokes in contrasting SJT's conversing at the bar, but I did ultimately track him down and discover him, over a beer or two, to be a gent.

As for the comedy, Frank Skinner was there again - perhaps he heard that I'd missed him last time - Wes Packer was Welsh and thus good, but as for the rest ....... if they weren't allowed to drone on and on about blow jobs I don't think they'd have fifteen minutes of material between the lot of them.

Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells.

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