Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Although according to the blog, I'm still four or five pounds heavier than I was this time last year, I'm five pounds lighter this morning than I was this time last Saturday as I've come to the end of a working week in which I tried to enhance my training by eating properly, but - truth be told - my heart's not in parsimonious dining.

I was delighted therefore to read this New Scientist review of a new book 'The Gospel of Food: Everything You Think You Know about Food Is Wrong', by Barry Glassner.

From what I can tell from the review, the book's thesis chimes with my intuition that the best way to eat is to consume a wide variety of foods that you actually enjoy:

We have wrongly embraced what Glassner calls "the gospel of naught," the view that "the worth of a meal lies principally in what it lacks".
"It appears more important to increase the number of healthy foods regularly consumed than to reduce the number of less healthy foods regularly consumed."

Right on. Justification at last of "eat your way around the world in London" on health grounds?.

I've found out this week by the way that the 805 Bar Restaurant is considered by the capital’s Nigerian community to be London’s best Nigerian restaurant, so I hope to be there this Wednesday demonstrating that "when it comes to healthy absorption of nutrients, taste matters."

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