Sunday, February 25, 2007

20 Hours in LA

The Clinton-Obama brouhaha that blew up around David Geffen's fundraiser last week seems to be adding weight to my theory that watching the West Wing might make US politics a little less bewildering.

West Wing rerun day on More4, having come round again, the current controversy does seem eerily reminiscent of the 20 Hours in LA episode in series one in which a gay movie mogul tries to muscle the President by threatening to cancel a fund raising party. This seemed preposterous to me when I watched it on DVD. It's a bit less so now - not necessarily a good thing - but I wouldn't be without this extraordinary exchange from the party itself:

David Hasselhoff: I think there's a basic bedrock principle behind the First Amendment. That the government cannot prohibit the expression of an idea just because it's disagreeable. Justice William Brennan, writing for the majority--
Donna: I'm a real big fan, David, not just a Johnny-come-lately. It's not just Baywatch and Knight Rider with me.
David Hasselhoff: Well, thank you very much. My point is--
Donna: I mean, Nick Fury ... Panic at Malibu Pier ... The Cartier Affair. Pleasure Cove, for crying out loud!

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