Saturday, September 09, 2006


I've just bought a 'Netgear Wireless Digital Music Player MP101' from our own police property auction system. (£46, did I get a good deal or what?)

I wonder, once I've picked it up and integrated it into my set up at home if I will ever play a CD again.

Hugh was telling me the other day that now he has finished ripping all the music that he's bought through the decades, to his PC he has started deleting all the filler he has got encumbered with over the years; the disdained album tracks and mistakes. That's a good idea but I'm not sure I have the time or fortitude to do it myself.

I love letting the Media Player itself decide what I might like to listen to - Isaac Hayes' "By the Time I get to Phoenix" from Hot Buttered Soul is on at the moment.

It also came up with the 'Was (Not Was)' album "What Up Dog" this morning. That may be my favourite release of the 80's though I can't abide the track "Robot Girl". Not being as steely as Hugh, I've just given it a low rating rather than deleting it. The story of my life in microcosm eh?

Anyway, all together now with the immortal "Anything Can Happen":

She took me in the bedroom
To show me her computer
She asked me if I liked it
I told her she was cuter
She wasn't that great
But it was getting kind of late
She talked about her father
Said he never really liked her
Said that she'd been married
To a schizophrenic biker
I thought I'd say goodbye
But then I saw her start to cry .........

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