Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lies and Liars

I almost died of having to pretend for the past year that we were actually governing. Instead we lied day, night and evening. I don’t want to do this anymore. Either we go ahead and then you have a leader or you have to pick somebody else.
The riots are getting bigger but I find that I find that I am curiously attracted to the candour of the Hungarian Prime Minister on his notorious tape.

When The Times ran some of it they noted:

The extracts are in chronological order and have been translated by Reuters from a transcript on Mr Gyurcsany's personal weblog.

Isn't that astounding? I can't make head nor tail of Hungarian but it seems as if it is still being updated through the crisis. The last post on the home page is dated Friday.

I suppose that it seems like a breath of fresh air rather than a scandal when viewed from Blighty because of the sheer fatigue that has built up over the last decade as we have been so cynically manipulated by our own government.

How about this for our domestic cynicism?
A tearful Gordon Brown has spoken at length for the first time about the death of his baby daughter four years ago.
The notoriously private Chancellor described how his first child Jennifer Jane died at ten days old from a brain haemorrhage.
The interview with Sky News shows Mr Brown has accepted that to be voted as prime minister he must open up more to the British public.
Read the last paragraph, then the second, then the first. I think that rereading reveals the motivation. I'm not so stupid as to imply that the tragedy wouldn't have been devastating for the man, but the use of it - with his connivance - in a public relations ploy to make the Chancellor seem more human leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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