Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pulled Pork

We hit North America last night as we continued our mission to eat your way around the world in London. Bodean's BBQ Restaurant in Clapham was the venue. I'd read that they serve up authentic Kansas City BBQ there, but Paul - perverse to the last - came over all Cajun and had Smoked Chicken Gumbo followed by Crayfish Jambalaya.

I had Clam chowder to start and very fine it was too. I know that it is really a New England speciality but the pure BBQ theme had already been traduced. (Clam chowder is a sore point with me because the recipe for it was torn from the copy of "Hometown Cooking in New England" that I bought as a souvenier of skiing in North America in 2000.)

For the main course I had baby back ribs with pulled pork, fries, and 'slaw. Pulled pork is shredded shoulder and I think that this must be the slow smoked meltingly tender BBQ of legend.

Portions were so generous that I may not eat again in 2005. For the sake of completeness all was washed down with a bottle of Argentinian Santa Julia 2004 Fuzion which was a blend of tempranillo and malbec.

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