Monday, December 26, 2005


Raybs caught his foot jumping over a wall on Thursday and fell onto his knee splintering his patella in four so he has been in hospital over Christmas. He had a three hour operation on Christmas Eve and we hope that he will be out today or tomorrow.

When I brought his brother back a little early from Wales to see him, Ben insisted on entering the ward brandishing the cap gun that he had won (hooking a penguin) and the Cardiff Winter Wonderland.

When Rayburn noticed the firearm, we exchanged the following hard-boiled dialogue.

"I bit a cap once when I was small, " said Raybs.

"Why?" I asked.

"To see if it would explode."

"Did it?"


"Hurt much?"

"I won't say it didn't smart a little."

I don't think that would disgrace Rick in Casablanca.

He made me laugh when I visited him yesterday as well by telling me that after he had been given him some morphine for the pain he had accidently pressed the button to call the nurse.

"Are you buzzing?" she asked when she arrived.

"Buzzing?" he replied. "I'm high as a kite."

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