Tuesday, February 22, 2005

20 Books

Friends have been swapping Top 20 lists of books over the last couple of days, so on arriving this morning, I opened a spreadsheet and put favourite books into it as they popped into my mind. Two hours later I have the following.

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky
The Iron Dream Norman Spinrad
Kim Kipling
The Happy Prince Wilde
Paingod Harlan Ellison
Neuromancer William Gibson
White Teeth Zadie Smith
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter Thompson
Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle
The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test Tom Wolfe
Maus Art Spiegelman
Schinder's Ark Thomas Keneally
My Last Breath Luis Bunuel
Alexander the Great Robin Lane Fox
Into the Heart of Borneo Redmond O'Hanlon
From the Holy Mountain William Dalrymple
The Code of the Woosters P G Wodehouse
My American Century Studs Terkel
To Be or Not to Bop Dizzy Gillespie

I am sure that a different day would furnish a different list. Hunter Thompson, RIP, is obviously on my mind today for example, but a big shout out to all my homies for helping me to remember "To Be or Not to Bop" which I have loved and lost.

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