Thursday, May 27, 2004

I misread the post below at first. Thought she was looking for someone to sell her their ID, leaving them with just an ego and superego I guess. Catharsis by my window, like the waves down on the beach.

Technology and the internet bring people together in new and exciting (and possibly felonious) ways -- and Jessica, bless her, needs a drink:

Want to help a girl out?
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Date: 2004-05-26, 2:46AM EDT

I'm going to be straightforward. I am 20 yr. old Arizona State U. student`I and was wondering if anybody wanted to sell me their id. I just want one to get in and out of the bars while I'm in NYC for the summer, and a friend told me that a real that doesn't look like you is better than a fake that does look like you. Naturally, if I get caught with it, you don't get in trouble, they just mail it back to your address. I'm 5'7, 150, blonde hair, brown eyes, and really tan ( Last id I had was a 230, 5'4, brunette with blue eyes from Illinois and it worked everywhere in AZ, Vegas and LA) So if you feel you can help out my situation, please email me. Thanks- Jessica

Want to help a girl out? [Craigslist]


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