Saturday, September 25, 2021


My brother stayed with me for the last two nights. He was out with clients on Friday morning but intended to work in my office towards the end of this afternoon, so he dropped me off there and I left my car at home so he could use my permit to park in the Mills later. When we left this morning I walked down the street to see how much it would cost him to park in Marlborough Road up until 6:30 tonight; it is free afterwards.

John's car is grey. As I walked back I opened the door of a grey car as the ignition started and tried to get in. It wasn't John's car. There was an Indian fella in the driving seat and what I took to be his wife and child in the back. Luckily I knew the guy by sight as he is from the Colliers Wood Tandoori. I gesticulated to John's similar vehicle in front of his and we laughed it off. 

John and I collected a takeaway later and my friend smiled at me through the serving hatch making a thumbs up hitch hiking sign.

I have thought today about how lucky with are to live in a place where almost everyone is at least acquainted with each other. I imagine jumping into the wrong persons car in some areas of London might lead to unpleasant escalations.

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