Sunday, December 29, 2019

Book III Part I: It’s Time to Teach You Girls

While wit works, seek your orders here girls
those that modesty, principles and your rules allow.
Be mindful first that old age will come to you:
so don’t be timid and waste any of your time.
Have fun while it’s allowed, while your years are in their prime:
the years go by like flowing waters:
The wave that’s past can’t be recalled again,
the hour that’s past never can return.
Life’s to be used: life slips by on swift feet,
what was good at first, nothing as good will follow.

I took the makings of my notorious picklebacks to the traditional Boxing Day party and seem to have taken my brine to the next level  (it was widely praised) but left all the equipment behind when I made my excuses comparatively early.

I found out yesterday that while brine remains all the bourbon is gone. It seems a 17 year old M smuggled it to another room and used it up herself on her own thirst and bending similarly aged boys to her will. Good for her.
What nonsense, Lord Emsworth felt, the papers talked about the Modern Girl. If this was a specimen, the Modern Girl was the highest point the sex had yet reached.

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