Monday, December 30, 2019

A story goes with it

I didn't catch Mystify, the documentary about INXS's Michael Hutchence on BBC2 last Saturday, but I have still got 28 days left to watch on the iPlayer.

Not normally my cup of tea I'll grant you, but I have long had a sneaking regard for the Hutch. Years ago when I was living in Whitton a friend of mine was working on renovating a place Michael Hutchence had bought in London.

One day he heard the architect talking to the client over phone. When it became clear Hutchence couldn't quite visualise what he was supposed to be deciding, they agreed that he should come over and see for himself, at which point (my italics and my unreserved admiration) he had to be told the address of his own house.

He turned up towards the end of the day on the way to Heathrow, possibly on Sydney time already - where the sun was already over the yardarm, but very friendly and gracious. Then having finished his business, and realising a couple of the lads he had been passing the time with lived on the way to the airport, gave them a lift home in his chauffeur driven limo.

In my eyes his light will never dim; RIP.

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