Sunday, August 25, 2019

Rumble Fish: He's merely miscast in a play

Time is a funny thing. Time is a very peculiar item. You see when you're young, you're a kid, you got time, you got nothing but time. Throw away a couple of years, a couple of years there... it doesn't matter. You know. The older you get you say, "Jesus, how much I got? I got thirty-five summers left." Think about it. Thirty-five summers.
I may have been remiss in documenting the Bomber's collection of boxing equipment, but I did manage to record that he passed his driving theory test on December 12th last year.

He hasn't got his act in gear yet in terms of passing the practical test, and told me on Friday that his mates have told him it needs to be done within a year; I encouraged him to crack on.

P.S. This link says it is two years but that must remain our secret.

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