Friday, August 24, 2018

We found new discoveries

After receiving my DNA results on my birthday (Icons passim), I got my niece the same package for her 18th.

She has obviously sent her saliva off as I got an email yesterday telling me "you and another member share DNA."

Intriguingly they guess that we are "1ST - 2ND COUSINS."
Our analysis of your DNA predicts that this person you match with is your first cousin.
The exact relationship however can vary. It could be a great nephew or great-great grandmother.
While there may be some statistical variation in our prediction, it’s likely to be a four-degree separation. However, the relationship could range from three to five degrees of separation.
Uncle and niece is a three degree separation. If they had got the relationship exactly right I might be suspicious that they used family tree information, I am - if anything - more impressed by this "close but no cigar" result as it suggests it really must be deduced purely genetically.

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