Friday, May 04, 2018

In a world where ....

In Codice Ratio is a research project that aims at developing novel methods and tools to support content analysis and knowledge discovery from large collections of historical documents. The goal is to provide humanities scholars with novel tools to conduct data-driven studies over large historical sources. The project concentrates on the collections of the Vatican Secret Archives, one of the largest and most important historical archive in the world. In an extension of 85 kilometres of shelving, it maintains more than 600 archival collections containing historical documents on the Vatican activities, such as, all the acts promulgated by the Vatican, account books, correspondence of the popes, starting from the eighth century.
Am I the only one who sees a movie here? Get me Harvey Weinstein on the phone now! And tell Nic Cage he can't retire, at least not yet.

Prodnose: It's a transmitter. It's a radio for speaking to God. And it's within my reach.

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