Friday, April 27, 2018

carte du jour

Lobster Menu
Friday 27th April
Menu @ 25
Fresh Goat Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Salsa on Toast
Complementary Starter
Grilled whole Lobster with Deli Boutique sauce,
Roasted potatoes.
French Cheese Selection Platter (£ 5)
Fresh Raspberry Tart with Vanilla Whipped Cream (£ 5)
Wine List
Sauvignon gris, (Family Wine, Loire Valley Vineyard) White. £21.90/£ 5.50 (175ml)
Classic Ventoux, Provence, Red £21.90/£5.50 (175ml)
Orca, Ventoux, Provence, Red £ 26.90
Pey blanc”, Provence, Rosé. £27.90/£6.50 (175ml)
Sparkling Wine (Family Wine, Loire Valley Vineyard) £ 26.90/ £ 6.50 (175 ml)

This evening's bill of fare does look nice. If only I could claim to have the slightest idea where on earth we are supposed to turn up to consume it.

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