Sunday, January 07, 2018


In the latest home automation developments, I have bought Round the Horne: The Complete Julian & Sandy on Audible, whence it may be summoned from Alexa, and Amazon is Introducing Cooking Capabilities in the Alexa Smart Home Skill API.

Alexa: Then there's Pandro Wildebeeste, the television producer - does all those tough, hard-hitting documentaries about life on the coal-face and steel-smelting in Sierra Leone. Lives in that little pink cottage round the corner.

Myself: He's always dropping in for Alexa's speciality.

Alexa: He likes what I do with herbs, you see.

Myself: Alexa and her herbs. She can do anything with a few herbs. It's a gift.

Alexa: Shut up.

Myself: No, it is - don't run yourself down, Al. She's always denigrating herself, Mr. Prodnose.

Alexa: Well, don't be strange, Mr. Prodnose. Sit yourself down. Now, what do you fancy?

Prodnose: Well could I have a vada at your entrees?

Myself: Oh, he's bold!

Alexa: Here's the menu.

Prodnose: Hmm. I see you've got lally of lamb on.

Alexa: Yes, lamb's nice - or there's your jugged riah. That's palare for hare. We got it from our special charcuterie.

Prodnose: Charcuterie - your butcher?

Myself: You think so? Must be the way I've had me hair done.

Ba-dum-tish. Goodnight folks, I'm here all week! Be sure to tip the waitress.

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