Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rutlish Raiders vs Invicta Panthers

Ben's Rutlish Raiders have got the Invicta Panthers in the play off semi finals this weekend. The Panthers beat the Raiders rather handily in the Cup earlier this year (in Ben's first ever game of rugby league) and topped the East division undefeated as far as I can tell, so they must be favourites, but as Rhy Ifans (Icons passim) reminds us:
In every battle, every fight and every match. There is always a favourite. The expert’s and the pundits will say on paper this team is stronger, man for man better. More strength in depth. But football rugby isn’t played on paper, and the odds may be stacked against you, fair enough fair enough. But what the odds won’t tell you is.... that this isn’t a maths test. Its a different kind of test! One where passion, courage, heart! Over rides any kind of logic. Where the sun is so much more than its paths. So when you cross that white line with that red dragon crest burning on your chest...Remember...... this is a team game, and you are not alone! We are Wales Rutlish, and together....... we are, STRONGER!!!
The Panthers U15s may be researched on

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