Sunday, July 03, 2016

Gim Gyeranmari, 김 계란말이

I was delighted to learn lately that the dried nori sheets that wrap sushi are the same species of seaweed (Porphyra) that is used in Welsh laverbread.

As well as nori in Japan, it is known as zicai (紫菜) in China, and gim (김) in Korea. Isn't that great?

To celebrate this international synchronicity and Wales' arrival at the highest level of international footie, I made Korean rolled seaweed and egg omelettes as part of the buffet for my guests when they came around to my gaff to see us beat Belgium. The recipe is here, and in my case I dressed the parcels with roasted black sesame seeds and a little soy.

They went down very well. Will I have to do them again on Wednesday to propitiate the gods before the semi final I wonder?

The prawn and mango and pork and water chestnut lettuce cups with a 10-second egg-free miracle mayo that Annabel Langbein did on Saturday Kitchen have also made an entry for themselves in my to-do list. The mayo uses the brine from a can of chickpeas instead of eggs. Apparently protein leaches out of the legumes into the water. I will test it in the laboratory of the utility muffin Research kitchen and get back to you.

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